Galeria zdjęć

Student appraising and appraisal during a hypnotherapy taining session
Ocena i ewaluacja podczas sesji szkoleniowej 
"Are you sure?" asks Lisa
Jesteś pewien?
Two hypnotherapy students pratice couch time training
Na kozetce 
An HPD student receives her HPD diploma
DHP – w pełni zasłużone!
An attentive HPD student
Temat do namysłu
Intake 53a listen to a lecture by David Newton
Nabór 53a
A full classroom of hypnotherapy students listening to a lecture
A student having a laugh during a lecture
Musiało być zabawne!
Students get stuck in to the lunch buffet on the last day of the course
Ostatni dzień
David Newton delivering a hypnotherapy lecture
Popatrz mi głęboko w oczy …
A student acts as a hypnotherapy patient as part of students learning hypnosis couch techniques
Na kozetce
Hypnotherapy students are filmed during a hypnotherapy practice session
Praktyka czyni mistrza 
An HPD student practices what they have been taught on another student reclining on the couch
Praktyka na kozetce
A studentis practices how to start a hypnotherapy client session
Jak możemy Ci pomoć?
David Newton, CPHT Bristol Hypnotherapy Training Senior Lecturer, with Lisa, his terrier
Co dwie głowy to nie jedna
A student receives their Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD) on graduation day
Brawo ja!
Students congratulate themselves on HPD graduation day
Brawo wszyscy!